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Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

Limit the maximum HTTP download size & not scanned ISO files [Bluecoat]

*This post require Bluecoat ProxyAV and Bluecoat ProxySG

1. Integrate ProxySG and ProxyAV (You may read BlueCoat_SG-AV_Integration-Guide)
2. Make sure ProxyAV work perfectly.
3. Config download limitation :

Open ProxyAV Web browser (example :
Select Antivirus :

And then select Scanning Behavior :

 To limit download size, you must specified the file size (based on your company policy) :

 Select Manage Files by File Types :

Uncheck Enabled on Apparent Data Types to define block and not scanned file extensions manually (if you checked Enabled, your block and not scanned list won't work)

I don't want to limit download size (not scanned) for .iso files, so i put .iso in not scanned box.

Ps: This tricks actually not limiting download size but limiting file size being scanned by ProxyAV.

- Hope it helps :)

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