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Minggu, 13 Desember 2009

Yahoo SCAM !! (Berhati-hatilah)

Berikut ini adalah tampilan dari email palsu yang mengaku dari Yahoo Customer Service;

Dan ini adalah email balasan dari Yahoo Customer Care yang asli mengenai email diatas;

Re: Other (KMM101311463V5362L0KM)
Sunday, December 13, 2009 6:56 PM
From: "Yahoo! Mail"

Hello Bintang,

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care. Before I go into
addressing your concern, I'd like to first apologize for the delay in my
responding to your inquiry. We are committed to answering your questions
as quickly and accurately as possible. However, we are currently
receiving unusually high volumes which caused the delayed response.

The webpage or message that you are writing about was originated by
someone other than Yahoo!. After investigation, we have determined that
this email message did not originate from the Yahoo! Mail system. It
appears that the sender of this message forged the header information to
give the impression that it came from the Yahoo! Mail system.

You should assume that any unsolicited message asking for your Yahoo! ID
and password, security key, or other sensitive information is part of a
scam to gain unauthorized access to your account. Feel free to simply
delete such messages, or if you would like to be sure we are aware of
the scam, you can file a report at:

If you have already entered your information into a suspicious message
or web page, you should immediately change your password and update any
other information you provided. If you provided credit card or other
financial details, you should also contact your financial institution.
If you are unable to change your password or regain access to your
account, you should contact:

For useful information and resources regarding online security, please
visit the Yahoo! Security Center at:

Please let us know if you still need assistance so we may assist you

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Mail.



Yahoo! Customer Care


For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Original Message Follows:

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